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Traditional sketch
Simple colourless on-paper sketch, photographed. Picture quality will depend on what camera and lighting I use, but I'll make an effort to have it look decent.
Pose Drawovers
Know a pose from My Little Pony that you REALLY want your OC doing, but you don't want to use a base because of those boring aliasing lines, or want a show-style picture of your OC which you can't make yourself? Look no further!
Crayon Drawing
A crayon-style drawing of your character on a paper-like background; can be drawn to look amateur-ish, like a child drew it, or "I could only find crayons to draw with".
Chibi Colour Reference
A simple, side-on chibi reference for your character, with a colour palette and minor details written down. You can specify whether you want the default pose or not.
Single full-body
Full-body, fully coloured pictured with or without a background depending on preference. Coloured lines and pencil lines are optional, please specify otherwise I will default to solid black linework.
Paintings (simple)
Lineless paintings with a very simple or no background, and shading detail depending on preference.
Paintings (complex)
Large sized painting images with large amounts of detail.
Illustrations (simple)
Simple, one or two character story illustrations. Black lines will be used unless specified otherwise. I'm most skilled in drawing My Little Pony characters, but not so much in anything else, so please keep that in mind if you want to commission one of these for a non-pony story.
Will create backgrounds from scratch if requested or if I feel like it and it's been approved of, but otherwise will use stock images. (excluding cases where the required background is unavailable, in which case I will either use no background or create one from scratch depending on your preference)
If commissioning one of these, please give me a link to what I'm supposed to be illustrating: description of the image you want may not be enough, and reading the story will give me a better mental image.
Illustration (complex)
More complicated illustrations with three or more characters featuring more detailed lighting/shading and if requested, more stylized (wing/hoof details, hair details, ect). Will use black lines unless specified otherwise.
If it's been requested I will do from-scratch backgrounds, otherwise I will use stock images, except in the case where the kind of background your image needs is unavailable for free or in general, in which case I will have to do it from scratch anyway (with permission).
If commissioning one of these, please give me a link to what I'm supposed to be illustrating: description of the image you want may not be enough, and reading the story will give me a better mental image.



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Charlotte Anne Mary Lynn
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
if you give me a llama and I don't reply to you it's because I'm overwhelmed by llamas and can't be bothered to type a thank you and just give you a return-llama instead.
If I said something silly, I was probably tired.
I love to draw, sing, write, play games, and as of recently sleeping in the daytime has become an annoying hobby of mine.
Built a pirate ship (with the help of a useful blueprint I found) but now I'm struggling to furnish it
It has three floors below deck and all of the cross-sections detailing pirate ship interiors I've found either have only two decks, or more than three...
I already know what NEEDS to be on the ship (food/water storage, galley, cabins, etc.) but I have no idea where to put it all @_@
  • Drinking: Bottled water


Mspony Adopts
I'd totally forgotten I'd made these, omg, these are from all the way back in august. Ah, memories.

Don't let the 'mspaint' part fool you into thinking these were super easy to make, these actually took a fuck ton of work. Making the colour palettes for these was a nightmare (I actually had to adjust them in other programs more than once) and the colour picker SUCKS. There isn't a keybind for it and it automatically switches back to whatever the last tool you used was D=

Fun fact; the first one's name is what it is because whenever I looked at her I thought of that song that goes "Daisy Daisy give me your answer do" and I couldn't not use it.

I've never done adopts before so idk if there's like... a usual price or something. I'm defaulting to points but if you'd rather offer something else that's fine.
If you buy one feel free to change the name or cutie mark.

1. Daisy Do - 150 points
2. Starbrite - 150 points
3. Candy Rose - 150 points
4. Galaxy Twist - 200 points (look,, she's m favourite ok)
5. Citrus Burst - 150 points
In which I do 'scapes when I'm bored. In this case a cloudy sky and a sea so calm it's like a mirror.
Dawn and Shiny out for Nightmare Night
In which Dawn Blade (right) escorts Shiny Stone (left) to a Nightmare Night costume party.
Dawn declined to put on a full costume and instead found herself drawn to some old ceremonial armour she found in her attic. Somehow, it worked. (People don't know if they want to ask why her eyes change when she puts on the helmet.)

Shiny Stone is dressed as a shiny Florges from Pokémon, because they evolve with a shiny stone, hehe. It's also exactly the kind of costume she'd wear.
Dawn Blade is sorta dressed up as her inspiration - Aegislash. But since it's hard to dress up as a sword and shield without looking ridiculous, I gave her themed armour. (she also had a shield, in the sketch, but I forgot to add that.)
No background because I'm a dumb and can't do city backgrounds, and I spent three day on this LET ME CALL IT FINISHED ALREADY
The wings were too detailed compared to the rest of the drawing so I added little hoofsocks with stars. Also because I could.
My art style is "wavy hair and lots of space"


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